BMW Club WA (Inc.) is an incorporated association, with a Constitution and a Committee. The Committee exists to organise and maintain the day-to-day running of the club, as well as represent the membership in matters that concern them. In general terms, the Committee organises events, social activities and meetings.

Many Committee members have a more specialised role such as Treasurer, Membership Officer, Editor, Merchandise Officer and Event Coordinator.

If you have any queries regarding the Club, these people should be your first point of contact. If they cannot solve the problem/issue for you straight away, they will do all they can to find a solution for you.

If you are interested in helping out your Committee in a general role, or by filling one of the vacant positions, please contact any committee member for more information.

 Committee Position
 Office Bearer
 President  John Slade
 Vice President
 Andrew Ford
 Secretary   Bruce Robins
 Treasurer & Merchandise Officer
 Vida Corbett
 Magazine Editor
 Webmaster/Motorsport Director
 Bruce Robins
 Registrar  John Oppermann
 National Delegate
 Bruce Robins
 General Committee Members
 Robert Bowe
   Mick Coates
   Peter King
   Lyndon Gong
   Andrew Foreman
   Tony de Gaetani


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